Current Firmware Revisions

Please refer to your User Guide and the firmware update procedures before attempting a firmware update on your product.

BLACK and E1X Component Firmware updates are listed below and can be updated at any-time while connected to the internet. We recommend occasionally checking for firmware updates at your convenience. You can check the current firmware version for each product by comparing the firmware displayed on your component with what is listed below. You can also initiate a firmware update to determine status and run a firmware update, by following the procedures outline in the manual for your specific model, if there is an update you can load the new firmware by following the simple procedures. If there is not a firmware update, the component will indicate that you are current.

Black ASC2 | Current Version: 24.36.02 | 2022/5/1
Black ACI 600 | Current Version: 63.36.12 | 2022/5/1
Black EX DAC | Current Version: 29.36.12 | 2022/5/1
Notes: New display support
Black EX Integrated | Current Version: 27.36.12 | 2022/5/1
Notes: New display support
E1X DAC | Current Version: 17.36.12 | 2022/5/1
Notes: New display support
E1X Integrated | Current Version: 17.36.12 | 2022/5/1
Notes: New display support

Update the e.One Stream by pressing and holding in the program button on the rear panel for 2 seconds. This will launch the firmware update function and will automatically load the new software. Power cycle the Stream to confirm software is loaded.

e.One Stream | Current Version: 19.0.0 | 2022/1/1

Updating the SEEK controller is a renderer update and unique procedure from the component firmware update. The SEEK controller update is managed while connected to the internet using your iOS device and the SEEK app.

  1. Open SEEK app
  2. Connect to Bel Canto component
  3. Select cog icon on main page upper left corner
  4. Select device set up
  5. Choose component you would like to update
  6. If there is a firmware update it will immediately prompt you to update YES/NO
  7. Select YES and update will run.
  8. Once complete, it is a good idea to power cycle your component.
  9. You can see the SEE renderer firmware version on the device information screen
SEEK Controller Renderer Update | Current Version: v3.7.49
Notes: Adds support for 2G/5G WiFi dongle