Bel Canto was founded in 1991. Over the years, we’ve created many award winning components. From our early years designing Single Ended Triode amplifiers, to being credited as one of the first companies to design the DAC Control preamp, and the first companies to adopt very advanced Analog switch mode, Class D amplification, we have always been driven to reach beyond the accepted technology to find new and challenging systems that bring true advantages to High performance audio. The musical experience has always been the driving factor for everything we do in Bel Canto.

Our work has not gone unnoticed and has consistently garnered high praise and awards from publications and consumers around the world.

The Absolute Sound 2017 Product of the Year: REF600M
600m absound award slice

Sound+Image 2017 Awards: REF600M

The Audio Beat: CES 2016 Jimmy Awards
jimmy award ces 2016 slice

Stereophile Products of 2015 Amplification Component of the Year
stereophile award black slice

Black: TAVES Best Sound of Show – Digital
audiophilia award black slice

REF1000M: The Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Awards
absound award 100m main

C7R, CD3t with Joseph Audio and Cardas: The Audio Beat ‘Best of Show,’ THE Show Newport 2012
audio beat award cd3 c7r main

C7R: Positive Feedback Brutus Awards
pf award c7r main

e.One system: PFO Oasis! Award RMAF 2012
pf award rmaf 2012

DAC3.5VB mkII with VBS1: Positive Feedback Brutus Award
pf award dac3.5

C5i: CEA Innovations 2012 – Design and Engineering Awards
ces 2012 award c5i

C5i: Positive Feedback Brutus Award
pf brutus award c5i

DAC 2.5, REF150S: Positive Feedback Brutus Awards
pf brutus award dac2.5

eOne series: Wall Street Journal “New Tech Collectibles”
wsj bc components

DAC3, CEA Innovations 2007: Design and Engineering Awards

eVo2: Ultimate AV Editor’s Choice Platinum Award

eVo GEN II: The Stereo Times Publisher’ Choice Award “Most Wanted”

PL-1: The Stereo Times Publishers’ Choice Award “Most Wanted”

DAC2: Six Moons BlueMoon Award

CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Award

eVo 200.2, eVo 200.4: SoundStage! Network Reviewers’ Choice Innovations in Design

eVo series: The Stereo Times Publishers’ Choice Award “Most Wanted”

DAC1: SoundStage! Network Innovative Design of 1999

SETI 40: Diapason D’or Hi-Fi Integrated Amplifier of the Year 1998