RMAF 2015 Review in Stereophile

Bel Canto teams up with Audiohouse LLC, Cardas Audio, and Joseph Audio at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Sasha Matson of Stereophile reports on the REF600M amplifiers: “Driving this system was a pair of Bel Canto’s new REF600M monoblock amplifiers. These little beauties put out 300W into 8 ohms, and operate with (if I am reading the number of zeros correctly) 0.0006% distortion over the entire audio bandwidth. Those of you who have been following the rave reviews out there of the Bel Canto Black Series, which I was able to hear a few months ago in Newport, need to know that Bel Canto is engaged in some very productive “trickle-down” technology here.”

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