Review Archive: DAC2.5

Audiophilia, Anthony Kershaw, April 2013
“It’s a lifetime DAC and worth twice the price. You won’t need anything else for a long time. And, you can sell your preamp to buy it!”

Positive Feedback, Gary Beard, March-April 2013
“For the listener who requires truthfulness and very high resolution, [the DAC2.5] is a must audition. If you have a little bigger pile of cash, add the uLink USB converter and you’ll have a killer digital front-end that will stand the test of time. Highly recommended.”, Giuseppe Trotto, Dec 2011
“In conclusion, I can affirm that the Bel Canto 2.5 is a marvelous modern DAC, an excellent-sounding and high level engineering product. It is an item hardly equaled in terms of versatility. Great experience, fantastic machine, good sound… Bel Canto! Ah! If Verdi and Rossini were still here…”, Roger Kanno, June 2011
“[The DAC2.5] can be used as the control center of a high-performance two-channel rig
and still be easily integrated into a multichannel system. The e.One DAC2.5 offers a lot of
performance and flexibility…”

Digital Audio Blog, Dec 2010
“If I have to give one word describing the DAC2.5, it would be “clean”. The background is exceptionally black, nothing there! I put my ear next to the speakers and it is completely silent…The dynamics are excellent. Sharp transient came out from dead silent and the impact was all there in one of the most realistic recreation I have ever experienced. You do not have the “compression” effect of lesser DACs, the music expands….Bel Canto DAC2.5 is an excellent modern DAC. It is nearly faultless technically in conveying music. It is dynamic, clean, and neutral…”