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    C6i DAC Integrated Amplifier

    The C6i Integrated Amplifier is steeped in audiophile performance. Designed in a compact aluminum chassis with 6 high quality inputs and 120W power. Precision circuitry and dedicated signal paths provide the highest detail and resolution for both analog and digital sources.

    • USB 2.0 24/192 and DSD 128(DOP)
    • 24/192 High-Dynamic Range DAC
    • 125-Watt power amplifier
    • Analog RIAA MM Phono Stage
    • Quality Headphone Output
    • Remote Control
  • Features

    C6i Integrated Amplifier Features


    HDR Core is the result of 20+ years of engineering that refines the digital to analog process using precision components: Ultra Low Noise Master Clocks, Advanced Asynchronous Interfaces, and Dual Mode Low-Noise High Efficiency Power Supplies. HDR Core technology is fundamental to every e.One DAC and Integrated product, creating the most realistic, open, and defined musical experience possible.

    Built In Headphone Output

    The dedicated low-impedance, high-output headphone is designed to drive your headphones with clarity and detail. You'll be amazed at the musical depth they bring to your headset.

    Simple, Elegant Interface

    The dual-functioning single knob interface provides easy navigation of the menu, selecting inputs and controlling volume, plus it comes with a 36-button infrared remote that controls all functions from 30 feet away. Combined with the large LED display that makes it easy to access and control all functions.

  • Specs

    C6i Integrated Amplifier Specifications

    Amplifier Section:

    Power Output 1% THD: 125W per channel
    Minimum Load: 2 ohms per channel
    Peak Output Current: 12.5 amperes
    Frequency Response: +/-3 dB 1.5Hz-90KHz
    THD+N: 0.003% 1W, 1KHz, 4 ohms
    IMD (CCIF): 0.0003%, 1W, 14:15KHz, 4 ohms
    Output Noise: <30uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
    Damping factor: >400
    Output Impedance at 100Hz: <20 milliohms
    Dynamic Range: 120dB

    Digital Inputs:

    Maximum Data Input Rate
    24bit Data at 192KS/s: SPDIF RCA x2, TOSLINK x2, USB

    Analog Inputs:

    Line in impedance: 47 Kohms, 2Vrms max
    Phono in impedance: 47 Kohms//150pF
    Phono accuracy: +/-0.25dB, 50Hz-15kHz


    Output connections: 2-sets of WBT NextGen Binding Posts, RCA Line Out, Headphone Output
    Headphone Output Current and Voltage Level: 100mA peak
    Line Out Impedance: 500 ohms
    Power On usage: 14W
    Power Off usage: 0.0W
    Internally Set Operating Voltages: 100-120VAC or 230-240VAC 50/60 Hz
    Size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 12?, 216 x 88 x 305mm (W x H x D)
    Weight: 13lbs, 6.5Kg

    Features and specifications are subject to improvements and changes without prior notice.

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