Audio Esoterica Reviews the Black ACI 600

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Sean Ferris reviews the ACI 600 in issue #2-2017 of Audio Esoterica:
“Listening to the DSD version of the Aeon Trio’s ‘Elegy’ (on trptk) dispelled any thoughts we might have harboured of the high-frequency sound of Class-D amplification being at all errant, because the treble of both Maya Fridman’s cello and Atzko Kohashi’s piano (a Fazioli F228) shimmered like perfectly-positioned threads of gossamer in the moonlight, and remained perfectly balanced no matter what loudspeakers we used.”

“Bass delivery was incredibly quick — so fast that it was almost as if the Bel Canto was able to anticipate that a drummer was about to stomp the pedal on their kick drum, or that the fuse on a cannon being fired during Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture was just about to ignite the gunpowder therein.”

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