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Bel Canto e.One Series Warranty Registration

  • Register your Bel Canto Black warranty at
  • Product Warranty Terms and Conditions*

    Please complete registration within 30 days of purchase

    Bel Canto Design offers a 90-day factory warranty from the date of purchase that can be extended to a 2-Year LIMITED WARRANTY. This warranty is available to the original owner by completing this warranty form including the original sales receipt information from your authorized Bel Canto Dealer. This warranty is not transferable.

    Warranty coverage includes all parts and workmanship. Warranty is void if damage is due to abuse, neglect or unauthorized modification. Cost associated with the return of this product is the sole responsibility of the owner. All repair work must be done by Bel Canto or by an authorized Bel Canto repair center. Work done by unauthorized persons will void any and all warranty coverage.

    Bel Canto Design products are uniquely identified with a serial number on the back panel. This number is required to validate your warranty. Please reference your serial number if service is required. If you have any questions, comments, or if we can be of service, please contact us.

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    *=Except for intrastate sales in the state of New York



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